Domain Name Deletion and Renewal Policy.

Domain names are registered for a specific period and are subject to renewal.

Domain Name Renewal:

If a customer has chosen our "auto-renewal" option for the domain name, we will attempt to automatically renew the domain name using the payment methods on file. Automatic renewal will be processed a few days before the domain name expiration date.

If a customer has not chosen our "auto-renewal" option for a domain name, we will send multiple email communications to notify them that their domain name will expire on a certain date. If a customer does not renew the domain name before the expiration date, Hosteur will delete their domain after that date.

Different notifications are sent at D-30, D-15, D-7, D-3, and D-1 via email.

Domain Name Deletion:

As defined in the ICANN policy (§3.7.5), absent extenuating circumstances, a domain name must be deleted within 45 days from the termination of a registration agreement by the registrar or by the domain name holder who terminates it.

In an effort to help our customers avoid accidental deletion of their registered domain names, the maximum possible grace period is 45 days after the expiration date, to allow for the renewal of domain name registration services. During this period, a customer can renew a domain name registration, but this grace period is not guaranteed and may be changed or removed at any time without notice. .

Therefore, every customer wishing to renew their domain name must do so in advance of the expiration date to avoid any inadvertent deletion of their services .

If an expired domain name is not renewed, as indicated above, absent extenuating circumstances, the domain will be deleted.

It will then be under the "Pending Delete" status for an additional five days, after which it will be deleted, and the domain name string will be available for registration again.

For any questions regarding domains, please contact .

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